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Adding a skylight to your home can be a great way to increase its value, but there are more benefits that you might not have yet considered. If you’re uncertain about adding a skylight to your home, it might help you make the decision by examining some of these benefits.

Increase natural light levels

In most homes, natural light is difficult to come by. Even where you may have large or numerous windows, opening up the curtains or blinds often means giving up privacy. Conversely, a skylight can bring natural light into any room, while also keeping your privacy uncompromised. Consider the direction you want your skylight to face when having it installed, as the direction will determine the time of day the room will receive the natural sunlight.

Reduce your energy consumption

Depending on where you position your skylight, you can either increase or reduce your dependency on heating and air conditioning. For instance, a skylight that faces south increases the temperature of the room all year, because it captures more of the sun’s rays. During the winter months, this reduces your dependency on heating, which means lower energy consumption. However, if the skylight isn’t covered during the summer months, your reliance on air conditioning may increase to combat the higher temperatures. To solve this problem, some skylights come with built-in shades that you can control with a remote device. Similarly, a skylight that opens can help reduce heat by letting it escape. Since heat rises, it will be released through the opening and help cool the room.

Adding beauty to the home

This goes hand-in-hand with increasing the value of the home. Skylights are still rare enough that they attract interest among homebuyers. By adding one to your home, you’re both improving the exterior and the interior of the home, which boosts the property’s resale value. Additionally, an attractively designed skylight, positioned in just the right place, can add architectural interest to the home.

Eliminate mid-winter depression

This is a real condition, recognized by the medical community as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and it can lead to people developing feelings of depression, anxiety, fatigue, and irritability. The leading cause of SAD is limited access to direct sunlight, a condition which can often be solved by adding a skylight to the home. Even on gloomy days, increased natural light can have a positive effect on one’s mood.

If the market value of your home isn’t your primary motivation for adding a skylight to your home, consider these alternative benefits. Bringing more natural light into the home can boost everyone’s mood and help reduce energy consumption, which will make your home more eco-friendly. Homes that are eco-friendly are also in higher demand, which is great for the environment!