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Right now, everyone is talking about creating their personal brand. If you haven’t already started considering yours, no matter where you are in your career, you might want to. Having a clear personal brand helps you stand out in your field as an individual and can also greatly benefit your business because people trust brands they recognize. I’ve previously written about the importance of crafting a personal brand, but I’d also like to offer tangible ways to achieve this goal.

Create a stunning website

One of the first steps you should take toward establishing your personal brand is creating a great website to feature what you’ve done. If you have considerable experience in your industry, other people can certainly benefit from your knowledge. You might not be comfortable developing a website on your own, so feel free to outsource this aspect of building your personal brand. A quality website makes you look extremely professional and helps boost your presence online.

Optimize your social media profiles

Most people have some kind of social media profiles. An important step toward making a personal brand is checking how your social media looks. If you have unprofessional posts and photos on social media, delete them! You do not have to make all your social media public, but at least make it appropriate. Then, check your privacy settings to make sure it’s the way you prefer. Any public profiles you do have, optimize them by completely filling everything out and adding images. Try to make your full name your username on social media, so any sites for your personal brand are connected and clearly yours.

Choose a look for your brand

When designing your website and social media, aim for a general theme. If you work in the tech industry, write posts and share your knowledge about your industry and share news related to it. You can also talk about your hobbies, but if you’re attempting to establish a clear brand, you’ll want to stick to only a handful of topics.

Attend networking events

Creating a personal brand isn’t just about being present online; networking is a huge part of it as well. Attending in-person networking events provides the chance to meet other people in your industry or who share some common interest with you. You can also network online by cultivating followers and finding other influencers in your industry. Making professional connections spreads awareness about your personal brand and gives you the chance to talk about your industry with other people while also learning about them and what they do.

Be consistent & genuine

Finally, once you’ve established a personal brand, make sure you’re consistent and it’s genuine! Regularly updating your website and accounts is a huge part of remaining relevant and keeping your brand fresh. Also, being genuine is the best way to make real connections. If you’re presenting yourself and your experiences in a false light, people will pick up on this falsehood and it can be detrimental to your professional career and personal life. Be a genuine person and everyone around you will appreciate your honesty and be more interested in working with you.